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Brucella Canis

Referring a dog to South Devon Referrals

Why is Brucella canis now an issue in the UK? 

Since 2020 there has been a marked increase in the number of dogs being diagnosed with Brucella canis infection in the UK. Most of the dogs diagnosed with brucellosis had either travelled from Eastern Europe or had close contact with dogs that had travelled. 

Due to the zoonotic risk associated with this infectious agent, we are increasing the precautionary measures that we take for the health and safety of owners, their pets, and our staff.

What does this mean for my referral? 

We will be recommending that any dog that has been imported to the United Kingdom or has a travel history to countries where Brucella canis is endemic is tested prior to referral to SDR. 

We will be asking your vet to indicate on our referral form their / your knowledge about whether the dog has been imported, whether they or you are aware of a travel history for the dog, and whether the dog has been tested for Brucella canis and the Brucella canis status where known. 

For dogs with a travel or importation history, we reserve the right to require testing at initial consultation where this has not already been performed. In this scenario, hospitalisation and investigation may be delayed. 

You should also be aware that there may be some diagnostic investigations and treatments that are not possible for a dog with known positive Brucella canis status.

For further information about Brucella Canis please visit:

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