CT Cases 5 – Nasal CT cases

Advanced imaging has the ability to give clients and clinicians a much better idea of what is going on without the need for invasive investigation. Even in cases with a poor outlook getting a diagnosis can help inform potential treatment or just help owners come to terms with a poor prognosis. The cases below have all been seen here and been reported by VetCT.

Ct Cases 5

Case 1– Nasal Foreign Body
Signalment: 10 yo, female neutered English Setter

History: Sneezing, reverse sneezing and stertor of 10 days duration

Differential diagnosis: nasal foreign body, neoplasia, infectious, inflammatory

Question for CT: Is there a nasal foreign body or mass?

Area scanned: Head

VetCT diagnosis: Nasopharyngeal obstructive airway lesion, no contrast enhancement, so most likely a solid object.

Case outcome: Half a nutmeg removed on rhinoscopy.

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Case 2– Chronic Rhinitis
Signalment: 13 yo, male neutered Domestic Shorthair

History: Sneezing and nasal discharge of 1 year duration, which has worsened over time.

Differential diagnosis: Neoplasia, infectious, inflammatory, chronic foreign body

Question for CT: What is the cause of sneezing and discharge?

Area scanned:  Head and thorax

VetCT diagnosis: Accumulation of soft tissue density/fluid material in nasal cavity without destruction of nasal bones. Deep culture of nasal tissue would be useful.

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Case 3– Nasal Aspergillus
Signalment: 11 yo, male neutered Border Collie

History: 4 month duration of reverse sneezing, followed by 10 day duration of left haemorrhagic nasal discharge

Differential diagnosis:  Infectious, inflammatory, foreign body, neoplasia

Question for CT: Is there a nasal mass or evidence of aspergillus lesions? Are there lesions in the thorax?

Area scanned: Head and thorax

VetCT diagnosis:  Left intranasal extensive plaque-like soft tissue and turbinate loss, consistent with aspergillosis.

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Case 4– Nasal Neoplasia
Signalment: 14 yo, female neutered Staffordshire Bull Terrier

History: 2 week history of right unilateral epistaxis

Differential diagnosis:  Neoplasia, foreign body, infectious, inflammatory

Question for CT: What is the cause of epistaxis?

Area scanned: Head

VetCT diagnosis: Right-sided nasal mass, mild lysis of the cribriform plate, neoplasia most likely (adenocarcinoma, carcinoma).

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