CT case studies

Advanced imaging often avoids the need for more invasive investigation. In our experience this has definitely been the case. The patients below have all been seen by our first opinion team and illustrate just how CT can make all the difference. All of our studies are interpreted by VetCT Consultants in Telemedicine and come with a detailed report including suggested diagnosis and/ or recommendations for each case.

Case 1- Orthopaedic

  • Signalment: 6m, ME, ESS

  • Presenting signs: On off history of right forelimb lameness that improved with rest. 10/10 lame.

  • Case 1- VetCT report

Case 2- Neurological

  • Signalment:  9yo, FN, Bernese Mountain Dog

  • Presenting signs: Progressive lameness right fore, ataxia, left pupil smaller than right (anisocoria).

  • Case 2- VetCT report

Case 3- Foreign Body

  • Signalment: 9yo, FN, Siberian Husky

  • Presenting signs: Mild abdominal discomfort and ‘not quite right’ one week after eating an ice lolly stick.

  • Case 3- VetCT report

To see more case examples and to find out more about VetCT visit the website. To refer a patient for CT please use our online referral form. If you have any further questions or wish to discuss a potential case for CT call on 01626 367972.


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