CT Case Studies 2

Advanced imaging has the ability to give clients and clinicians a much better idea of what is going on without the need for invasive investigation. Even in cases with a poor outlook getting a diagnosis can help inform potential treatment or just help owners come to terms with a poor prognosis. The cases below have all been seen here and been reported by VetCT.

Cases 2- Where CT got the diagnosis...even if it wasn't good news.

Case 1
Signalment: 8YO, ME, Whippet

Presenting signs: Sneezing, mild nasal discharge.

Differential diagnosis: Nasal tumour, foreign body, fungal.

Question for CT: Nasal pathology?

Area scanned: Head and thorax plus contrast.

VetCT report- Onco Case 1
Case 2
Signalment: 7YO, FN, Bull Mastiff

Presenting signs: Hyphema right eye, one episode
of heamatemesis. Coagulation normal, lungworm neg.

Differential diagnosis: clotting disorder, neoplasia.

Question for CT: Any chest pathology/ neoplasia?

Area scanned: Thorax and abdomen with contrast.

VetCT- Onco Case 2
Case 3
Signalment: 8yo, FN, SBT

Presenting signs: Taking longer to urinate, diarrhoea.
Haemorrhagic mucoid discharge from vulva.
Differential diagnosis: Stump pyometra, neoplasia.

Question for CT: Abnormalities of urogenital tract, mass?

Area scanned: Thorax and abdomen with contrast

VetCT- Onco Case 3

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