Onsite CT Scanner – amazing new diagnostic service for pets!

South Devon Referrals now have an onsite CT scanner and is able to provide a service for both referred cases and outpatients. We are therefore able to offer the first on-site veterinary CT service in Devon or Cornwall using a medical standard fan beam CT scanner.

CT scanning uses X-rays to produce a 3D image, which means there is no superimposition of different structure. It allows accurate diagnosis and treatment planning of a wide range of conditions that previously was not possible for our cat, dog, rabbit, exotic and other patients.

Our Toshiba Aquilion Lightning is a brand new 16-row helical CT system. We have opted for a highly specified model with the latest advances developed in the human medical field rather than a secondhand system or a “veterinary specific” lower specified system. This brings a range of benefits to our patients, including:

  • the ability to scan all body areas (including e.g. the chest) in thin slices with shorter scan times (avoiding movement artifacts), and in extremely high quality;
  • extra wide gantry bore (allowing better patient positioning even for the largest dogs);
  • sophisticated processing that greatly reduces artifacts from metal implants/ microchips chips etc;
  • advanced exposure management that produces higher quality images at lower exposure settings.

Our service is provided in partnership with a team of Diploma holding radiologists from VetCT Consultants in Telemedicine (a UK based specialist service), ensuring every case receives specialist interpretation. Further details of this exciting new service are available on our CT service information page.